Real estate appraisal in Turkey 2022

Turkey is witnessing a great demand by those wishing and looking for investment and real estate ownership.   Many specialists in the field of marketing, development and real estate investment said that the boom in the Turkish real estate market was reflected in prices, They explained that the rise in prices made investors turn to […]

Advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship

Turkish citizenship and how to obtain it   Turkish citizenship has become a dream and a goal that many investors and many individuals in general aspire to. The reason for this is due to the specifications and advantages that Turkish citizenship enjoys, and the Turkish government has provided many facilities that have contributed to the […]

The investment value of the Basin Express Road

  The Basin Express highway is one of the most famous roads in European Istanbul; Because of what it contains of real estate, investments and hotels designed on a world-class level, It also contains the most important commercial buildings and vital government offices.   The investment value of the Basin Express road rose after many […]

Reasons for real estate development in Turkey

Real estate development in Turkey   Real estate development in Turkey is witnessing a new trend during the past decade and has continued to this day in a larger way, In light of the impact of the global economy and the economic deterioration of many countries of the world with the rise in the price […]

The 3 best areas for real estate investment in Turkey

Preferred areas for real estate investment   Real estate is one of the best and safe ways to start the investment process. It is also considered a long-term investment, and it is a safe market that does not have a high degree of risk. Here we will talk about real estate in Turkey, which has […]

Benefits of real estate appraisal for investors

Real estate appraisal in Turkey:   Real estate appraisal in Turkey is considered the most important factor of reassurance for the investor in real estate in Turkey, As real estate appraisal has become mandatory when foreigners purchase real estate in Turkey. The Tabu Directorate issued an amendment to the method of real estate appraisal in […]

The reason why many businessmen want to invest in Turkey

Real estate in Turkey is one of the most important areas in which you can invest and get huge profits from it.   As in fact, investing in real estate in Turkey did not stop at businessmen and the people of the state, but recently Turkey has become one of the most important places to […]

How to establish a company in Turkey… you know?!

companies in Turkey   Advantages of opening a company in Turkey: The need for one person or legal entity to establish a limited liability company in Turkey. The company can be managed by foreigners (by obtaining a work permit / permit). The percentage of ownership in the company can be 100% for foreigners. Starting a […]

Turkey and investment to where…

Investment in its general sense:   buy valuable assets , called capital assets, An investor buys them based on expectations of them either: Its value increases over time. Or the conviction that it will provide a new source of income. Or it achieves both, i.e. its value increases over time, and provide a new source […]

How to obtain exceptional Turkish citizenship

الجنسية التركية

Exceptional Turkish Citizenship:- It is the citizenship granted to foreign citizens who are in Turkey on an exceptional basis, In special cases, according to a decision issued by the President of the Republic. To whom is the exceptional Turkish citizenship granted? Foreign nationals whose details are specified below can obtain exceptional citizenship in Turkey , […]