Advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship

Turkish citizenship and how to obtain it


Turkish citizenship has become a dream and a goal that many investors and many individuals in general aspire to. The reason for this is due to the specifications and advantages that Turkish citizenship enjoys, and the Turkish government has provided many facilities that have contributed to the acquisition of Turkish citizenship by many foreigners.


The difference between the past and the present in the process of obtaining Turkish citizenship:-


In the past, the matter was very complicated, and the procedures were long and cumbersome for anyone thinking of taking the step of obtaining Turkish citizenship, This is in addition to tightening the government and the state, Contrary to what is currently happening.

Turkey is one of the most beloved country to many citizens from different countries. Where everyone flees to it to get rid of life’s pressures and burdens and enjoy its regions and its tourist and archaeological attractions, It is an integrated global Islamic state.

Turkey is witnessing a comprehensive renaissance at this time in all fields, whether economic or investment, and what it plans to achieve in giant projects in the near future, The opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship and enjoy a share of this renaissance is truly an irreplaceable opportunity.

Turkish Nationality

Advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship:-

  • The possibility of traveling and residing in Turkey at any time and for any period without problems.
  • It grants its owner many privileges, most notably the ability to travel and enter about 72 countries around the world without the need for a visa.
  • Increasing the opportunity to get a job in Turkey, whether in the governmental or private sectors.
  • Possibility to travel to nearly 42 countries around the world with an express visa.
  • The ability to obtain an entry visa for 7 countries directly online.
  • Ease of entry to the world of Turkish investments, especially real estate investments.
  • Benefit from the retirement law, which is applied after reaching the age of 60 years.

Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship:

  • The citizen applying for citizenship has a good reputation, And that he is healthy and does not suffer from any serious disease that may lead to those around him or cause the spread of infection to others.
  • The possibility of obtaining citizenship in the case of owning a property in any Turkish region, provided that its material value is not less than 400 thousand dollars,
  • The possibility for owners of investment projects amounting to 500 thousand dollars, They provide jobs for about 50 Turkish workers to obtain citizenship.
  • Opening a bank account in a Turkish bank with a value of 500.000 thousand dollars.
  • A citizen married to a person of Turkish origin has the right to apply for Turkish citizenship.
  • There are some exceptional cases in which Turkish citizenship is granted, usually for university degree holders and those who excel academically.

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